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Statutory Audit

The monetary statements of a firm for a given period of time are to be looked after by the Statutory Auditor. The role of the auditor here is to report all the current affairs of the company. It is a crucial tool for stakeholders to gauge the substantiality of the firm with regard to their proceedings.

GST Audit

Audit under GST involves an examination of records, returns, and other documents maintained by a GST registered person. It also ensures the correctness of turnover declared, taxes paid, refund claimed, input tax credit availed, and assesses other such compliances under GST Act to be checked by an authorized expert

Bank Concurrent Audit

Most organisations such as banks, asset management firms, finance institutes and insurance organisations utilise the internal audit approach. Concurrent Audit is much the same as Internal Audit and is carried out at regular intervals.

Tax Audit

A tax audit is the process of verification and inspection of the accounts of a taxpayer to confirm their adherence to the provisions of the Income Tax law.

Revenue Audit

This helps in discerning revenue leakages. It could either be due to deficiency of internal control policies, frauds or errors by the personnel. It is generally conducted once or twice a year.

Internal Audit

This kind of audit is specifically designed to enhance a firms functioning. It assists an institution in achieving its goals by ushering a methodical system to inspect and better the efficiency of risk evaluation and management.

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